Alice 2022

Stream full movie Alice 2022 on MovieJoy website in HD. Alice is fifteen years old, she studies hard, and she passed the exam with flying colours, which made her mother very happy. She had always been a hardworking student and an exemplary child, never causing any problems, but her behaviour abruptly changed and the mother stopped recognising her daughter. She is increasingly being summoned to school as a result of Alice’s antics, and she is perplexed as to what has occurred. In reality, everything is simple – Alice realised that her mother had been hiding from her for a long time the fact that she had serious health problems that would lead to total blindness in the near future.

This astounds the girl, and she realises that there is nothing but darkness ahead of her, so don’t waste time and use it as efficiently as possible. Alice decides to mature dramatically and make the most of her life so that she does not regret wasting time later on. And she intends to begin by earning small sums of money that will allow her to explore the vast metropolis and possibly settle there. The cruel reality, however, is much harsher than the girl would like, and all her illusions will be shattered.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 5.4