Ambulance 2022

Stream full movie Ambulance 2022 on moviesJoy To website in HD. The plot of the crime film “Ambulance” revolves around two brothers who are constantly involved in theft. Criminals who have a history of stealing have promised to put an end to it once and for all, but circumstances have forced them to return to their roots. Their mother is in critical condition. Money for treatment is urgently needed, and obtaining it in a timely manner is difficult. Everything goes as planned until the robbers notice the cop cars. The escape route has been cut off. They make a desperate decision.

They abandon the car and take over the ambulance, unaware that there are people inside. The robbers notice a dying patient being cared for by a young doctor in the car. The young man recently graduated from university and has no idea how to put his education to use. The brothers are well aware that if a man dies, they will be unable to avoid prison. They are concerned about their mother and have no choice but to assist the patient. Simultaneously, avoiding prosecution by law enforcement agencies, saving a dying person without a medical education, and attempting to save the loot are all difficult tasks.

Duration: 136 min


IMDb: 6.8