American Night 2021

The main character of the film is a young man named John Kaplan. His parents were wealthy people and sought to give their son as much as possible. They wanted to make him a very smart and highly intelligent person, so they developed him from an early age. John learned to read, count and write early. He studied music, studied different languages ​​and filled his knowledge base with information from different fields of science. A little genius could succeed in any field, whichever one he chose. But most of all, John was attracted by painting. He devoted all his free time to drawing and even often took it away from his studies.

When he became an adult, he decided that it was time to start earning on his own, and not ask for money from his parents. And although the mother and father provided the young man with everything he needed, it seemed to him shameful to live on their salaries. Unlike his peers, he went to work. It turned out to be extremely difficult to fly to the top of success, and John had to work hard to get ahead. But it became even worse and more difficult when he quarreled with one crime boss. From now on, Kaplan is in mortal danger. Watch English movies & tv series online free on moviejoy website.

Duration: 123 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5