As They Made Us 2022

Stream full movie As They Made Us 2022 on moviesjoy website in 1080p HD. The movie is about a young mother. Who is forced to rush between the fires: her own children and parentsą„¤ it becomes more difficult when a third party is added – a new loverą„¤ frame “They made us like this” became a directorial fuck of the actress of the series “The Big Bang Theory”ą„¤ Ayem ialik, with the utmost delicacy, tried to convey the suffering of a woman forced into war. The heroine on the name of igail does one of the last forces: as a victim, emotionally and emotionally, in general, life is not like paradise.

Events people around rush about with great speed, ON and turn into vir, ur. hiding to please everyone, even her husband, a woman does not find true self-realizationą„¤ she is looking for articles in the magazine, not thinking about what fate can bestow on her personallyą„¤ almost every family has a reliable, obedient person who softens corners, settles conflictsą„¤ but that is the victim with which the sleazy express dissatisfactioną„¤ history of odan from the position of such a person ą„¤ ialik lurks to understand: how virtuous people become outcasts and the most disrespectful in the family.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 5.7