Awake 2021

Watch Awake movie in HD print on moviesjoy website. The main character of this movie is Matilda. She is the daughter of Jill Adams (Gina Rodriguez). She has one brother named Noah (Lucius Hoyos). They both are lived in her grandmother Doris’s house till their mother is on job. One day as usual she picks her children and returns home. Suddenly their car hit another car and their fall car down into a lake. One of the police officers said that it’s happening due to electricity malfunctioning. At night Jill sees all neighbors are not sleeping and she went to the pastor with Noah. According to the pastor, Matilda is one hope who can give a beacon. Stream how they went to the wood in the night after refusing grandmother Doris. And they face problems with different prisoners.

Duration: 1h 36min

Quality: HD