Black Crab 2022

Stream full movie Black Crab 2022 on Movies Joy website in 1080p HD. The human race survived a devastating apocalypse. The world is divided into two parts: “before” and “after.” Everyone is subject to the new cruel rules, which cause excruciating pain. If someone comes up with the idea of breaking the new laws, he is immediately discarded as if he were useless garbage. Human life has depreciated so much that they will unquestionably sacrifice it to achieve even the most petty goals. The military, which is supposed to defend their homeland, people, and rights, is occupied with carrying out special instructions issued by the authorities.
The soldier’s charter simply prohibits asking unnecessary questions that cast doubt on the correctness of the decisions made. Six soldiers are given a new “top secret” mission. The protagonists of the film “Black Crab” are tasked with delivering a mysterious box to a specific location. No one knows what is inside, but the contents must remain intact or they will face a terrible punishment. Their journey takes them through a frozen archipelago, where danger lurks at every turn. Will the heroes be able to finish the job?

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 5.7