Blasted 2022

Stream full movie Blasted 2022 on movies joy website in HD. A former childhood friend crashes Sebastian’s bachelor party, and only an alien invasion convinces them to put their differences aside and reunite as the laser tag duo they once were. Sebastian is introduced as a high-strung fellow who has been trying for six years to convince a client to invest in his company. During the presentation, things do not go well for him. Sebastian invites the client to his bachelor party in an attempt to persuade him to reconsider the idea. He promises him a wild and crazy time that he will never forget in order to gain his trust. Sebastian’s friends, on the other hand, have planned the bachelor party, and their definition of “fun” is quite different.

It entails venturing into the woods and visiting an observatory where, according to local legend, mysterious lights seen in the sky could be extraterrestrials. Sebastian’s childhood friend joins the bachelor party at the last minute. Sebastian and Mikkel were apparently a great team, not only best friends but also highly ranked laser tag players. It is quickly established that Hessdalen, the location of the bachelor party, has been infiltrated by aliens.

Duration: 114 min


IMDb: 5.1