Blue Bayou 2021

The main character of the movie is Antonio LeBlanc. He is of Korean origin, but as an infant was adopted by an American couple from a small town in the Louisiana Bay. When Antonio grew up, trouble happened to his adoptive family. Now Antonio is working to support the entire family. Soon everything is getting better, and the young American meets the charming Katie – the girl of his dreams. They got married and had a happy life. Antonio works very hard to ensure the maintenance and future of his beloved wife and little five-year-old daughter Jesse.

But one day, happiness turned out to be fleeting. Due to ill-wishers who want to take away wealth, a wife, a job from a young man. More details of Leblanc’s adoption are being clarified. Now the man is threatened with deportation to his historical homeland and separation from his family. What will happen next? Stream free tv series & films on joymovies website without login.

Duration: 117 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1