Boon 2022

Stream full movie Boon 2022 on MovieJoy To website in HD. In this film, the protagonist finds himself in another city, where he is faced with a new problem with which he initially does not want to have anything to do. Boone was recently involved in a brutal incident in the east, after which he was forced to move to a remote area of ​​​​Washington state. Here he settled in a hermitage, trying to live unnoticed and not attract too much attention. He tries to keep his inner peace by reading his pocket Bible.

One day, Boone goes into the woods, where a killer (Jason Scott Lee) starts chasing him. After a shootout, a wounded Boone loses consciousness, and when he wakes up, he finds himself in the house of Katherine (Christian Seidel), who is trying to heal his wounds. Katherine is a tormented widow and Boone’s next door neighbor who lives with her son Elijah (Jake Melrose). Katherine serves the local congregation as a preacher, trying to stay afloat and solve the problems her late husband has created for them. However, there is something that Katherine cannot handle – her land is illegally claimed by local criminal Fitzgerald (Tommy Flanagan). The fact is that he and his sister-in-law Emilia (Christina Ochoa) own a bar where they do “business”, and now they are building a tunnel to establish their criminal activities.

When Boone finds out about this, he realizes that Katherine is powerless to stop their evil plans. He feels obligated to protect her and her son. So Boone gets in the way of Fitzgerald and his thugs, Bud (James Madio) and Price (John Patrick Jordan), who are tasked with taking out Katherine. But that’s not all. Unexpectedly, Boone learns that Agent Redd (Demetrius Grosse) has opened the hunt for him, who wants to bring him to justice for past crimes. Redd understands that Boone is dangerous, but for him the criminal becomes the number one target, for him he flew to Washington, for him he will do anything.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 6.3