Censor 2021

Censor movie is the story of two sisters. One o them Named Nina (Sophia La Porta) is missing from the seven-year-old. According to her family, she is dead now. Another sister is Enid (Niamh Algar). She is is a video Censor. She linked with a serial killer dubbed “The Amnesia Killer”. She becomes very popular now. One day, she was watching the movie Don’t Go in the Church by Frederick North. After watching this movie she reminds of her sister Nina. And start to research it with the help of her censor. She went to Frederick North house by contacting another director Doug. Where she has to go very close to Frederick North. After getting some clue she tries to convince her parents and tells them the story from the beginning. Enid tells Alice about her. But Alice refuses that Enid is not her sister. But after telling her the story she realizes and starts to live with her family. Get this full movie on your smartphone by clicking on joy movies.

Duration: 1h 24min

Quality: HD