Cryo 2022

Stream full movie Cryo 2022 on website in HD. The scientists who regained consciousness after a long stay in a state of suspended animation had to find out the details and reasons for what was happening. Five men were in specialized cryo chambers for a long time, which were thawed in a sealed underground bunker. Someone invisible and powerful obviously started an unpredictable and terrible game, the details of which he did not plan to devote to the hostages of circumstances. Only the role of banal pawns in a dangerous story did not suit them at all, which caused the start of a new stage of the battle. Trying by joint efforts to understand the essence of what was happening and to find the truth about their situation, the prisoners clutched at the slightest hope of salvation. But the master of the situation prepared the operation too carefully and diligently to refuse to carry it out solely out of pity or compassion for his victims. He did not plan to retreat, constantly complicating the tasks for men desperately longing to break free and end the protracted and senseless torment. The hoax continued, despite the moral and physical exhaustion of all the unwitting participants in the illegal and dangerous adventure of the criminal.

Duration: 118 min


IMDb: 3.5