Diary of a Spy 2022

Stream full movie Diary of a Spy 2022 on movies joy website in HD. A career-threatening intelligence officer is assigned a mission to befriend and recruit a man with ties to the Saudi Royal Family. Diary of a Spy, written and directed by Adam Christan Clark, is a female-centric spy film that is light on action and heavy on drama. This is not your typical spy movie, with lots of running, fighting, and gunplay. This is the type of spy film that focuses on the mental aspect of being a spy.

Using a female operative whose career is nearing its end after she’s let herself go and possibly seen too much in her life is an interesting twist on traditional spy stories. This spy still has some abilities, but when she isn’t working, she doesn’t make the best decisions. This results in a depressive start to the film, which may not be appealing to some, but works well in terms of making it a clear end of career with a touch of self-destruction.

Duration: 99 min


IMDb: 7.0