Dracula The Original Living Vampire 2022

The main character of the film is a woman who works as a detective. Her name is Amelia and she is chasing a homicidal maniac who has killed many innocent people. Forensic examination showed that each victim had characteristic bites on the body of a vampire. Our detective goes on the trail of the legendary Count Dracula, a ghoul in the form of a handsome man. The detective is sure that he is responsible for the deaths of many girls. However, her close friend tries to convince the protagonist: Mina closely communicates with the count and helps him a lot. The man had only recently arrived in England and made an indelible impression on her. The central heroine understands that the stubborn girlfriend will still remain in her eyes, and decides to deal with the bloodsucker on her own. A law enforcement officer tries to detain the killer and gives the appropriate order to his colleagues, but he is not going to obey and easily fights off the police. They don’t take regular bullets. Amelia will have to seriously think about how to put this super criminal in his place.Stream full free movies on moviesjoy website in 1080p HD.

Duration: 86 min


IMDb: 2.0