Evil at the Door 2022

This is a Horror movie about a young woman named Jessica and her boyfriend, who have retired to their cozy cottage and plan to have a good next evening. Suddenly, a gang of scumbags in black suits and death masks breaks into the protagonists’ home. Unexpected guests quickly take control of the house: they stun and twist the guy and drive the girl into a separate room. However, Jessica manages to lock herself up and hide. She hopes to wait in hiding for a while. At this time, maniacs brutally kill her young man and friend, who accidentally wandered into her house. A few more people join the gang of murderers who develop the plan of the escaped victim. In the end, the psychopaths still manage to break down the door and find the fugitive. What will happen next? Stream full free movies on moviesjoy action website in 1080p HD.

Duration: 82 min


IMDb: 3.3