Fatima 2020

Free Latest Hollywood movie Fatima 2020. The Portuguese town is dominated by conservative and religious views, and life seems to have stood still. Only rarely does something unusual happen in these parts. The main characters are shepherd children who are forced to work hard at an early age. One day they return home and declare to others they had visions of the Virgin Mary. This news quickly spreads throughout the city. Children’s revelations inspire many believers as they try to find answers to difficult questions. But the story of the guys annoys local politicians and influential religious people. Each of them tries to force the children to renounce their words and confess to a lie. But the heroes of the film “Fatima” refuse to do this. Information about child prophets attracts the attention of pilgrims from all over Portugal. Tens of thousands of people want to see with their own eyes those to whom the blessing of the Virgin Mary was sent. They hope that they can witness a miracle miraculous. All of them will experience something that will forever change their outlook on life. Users can access popular moviesjoy movies online within just a click.

Duration: 113 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5