All The Old Knives 2022

Stream full movie All The Old Knives 2022 on MoviesJoy website in HD. Celia and Henry are the main characters in Old Knives. They were a married couple in the past and worked for a secret government agency. But it happened that their paths diverged, and for a long time the guys did not see each other. Everyone was able to achieve good heights in their own profession, but it happens that they accidentally meet each other. The situation seems awkward, but the heroes are not taken aback. They decided to meet in the evening and have dinner. Pretty good idea, but it turns out that this meeting was planned. They must complete the order by killing another. It is not known who will dare to take the risk first, but it is necessary to remain alert. Two professionals at work, and who can win remains a mystery. You will have to challenge the system and try to show that everything is under control.

Duration: 101 min


IMDb: 6.1