American Siege 2021

This movie is about Ben Watts is a former police officer who previously served in New York City. He currently serves as a sheriff in a small town in the state of Georgia. The man enjoys the calmness and the truce that has come. The locals respect him very much. Ben has everything that happens under control and never loses sight of anything. Watts will have to return to his previous occupation when three criminals appear in the city. They take hostage a local doctor, who is also the son of Mayor Rutledge.

Charles asks Ben to find the missing guy as soon as possible. He gives him a term of several days. For starters, Watts tries to find out the motives of the kidnappers, which seem too suspicious to him. Even in the order of the mayor, the man manages to find a catch. He concludes that Charles is a pitiful pawn in a serious chess game. He demands that the sheriff go for the murder, eliminate all witnesses and return his son safe and sound. Ben goes against the rules. He plays his own fair game. Watch full movies on MoviesJoy Stream website in 4k.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 4.3