The Batman 2022

This is an action-packed crime drama film based on DC comics. The dark story of a young Bruce Wayne, who, at the dawn of his strength, is cleaning the streets of vile criminals that have filled Gotham. He, along with Commissioner Gordon, fights for the peace of the city. But soon a very strong opponent appears in the person of the crazy Riddler, who recruits many people for his terrible plans, turning them into a cult of murderers and psychopaths. The Riddler manages to plan multiple assaults on cops and various major events in order to show his ability to disrupt, piss off, and impose his game on Batman. Soon the villain Penguin appears who wants to take Gotham for himself, but whose side will he choose? And the brave beauty Selina Kyle and the indispensable Alfred will help Bruce. Stream full movies on joy moviesjoy website in 1080p HD.

Duration: 175 min


IMDb: 8.8