Book of Love 2022

The main character of the movie is a Young writer Henry. He is unsure of his own abilities and writing a romance novel. He has no practice in romantic relationships with the opposite sex. Having acquired a lot of complexes, the English novelist gets a bitter experience and another disappointment. The published work is refused to be bought and read in all countries, but distant Mexico becomes an exception. It is there that he goes to thank and meet with connoisseurs of his work. To communicate with potential readers, he hires a translator who is present at meetings with local residents and protects from the crowd of fanatic Mexicans.

New acquaintances often find themselves in funny situations, but purposefully go around the most remote outbacks, where they gladly accept and listen to him. Copper does not immediately delve into the reason for the huge popularity among representatives of different ages. Stream online movies on moviesjoy to website.

Duration: 106 min


IMDb: 5.5