White Elephant 2022

Stream full movie White Elephant 2022 on movies joy website in HD. Tthe film “White Elephant” is a former Marine Gabriel Tancredi, who has been in more than one hot spot. Once retired, Gabriel felt a lack of money and got a job as a bouncer for crime boss Arnold Solomon. So Mr. Tancredi became a bandit and broke his own code of honor. One day, Gabriel notices how three thugs are beating a girl on the street, and he saves her. It turns out that the girl’s name is Vanessa, and she is a police officer. However, the most incredible thing is that they beat Vanessa on the orders of Arnold Salomon. Vanessa witnessed a terrible crime, and now criminals are after her. The protagonist is forced to forget about his short criminal past and again go over to the side of the law.

Review of the movie White Elephant 2022.
It’s one of the rare action films in its budget range to deliver plenty of solid action scenes. When two cops witness an attempted murder, Gabriel Tancredi, a former Marine turned Mafia bouncer, is ordered by his boss to get rid of any threats. With an impetuous henchman looking to prove himself, rival gangs and a growing death toll, Tancredi’s every move threatens lives including his own.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 4.5