Firestarter 2022

Stream full movie Firestarter 2022 on website in HD. 11-year-old Charlie had known she and her parents were different her entire life. She could tell they were different, from not having cell phones or computers to constantly moving. Charlie’s ability to conjure fire when upset or nervous, which her parents tried to suppress, made normalcy seem foreign.

However, after yet another day of bullying, Charlie loses her ability to suppress her powers and scares a teacher, prompting the cops to arrive. As a result, Charlie’s parents, Andy and Vicky, plan a new escape. However, with the new head of the DSI, Captain Hollister, and one of her soldiers who has powers similar to Charlie, Andy, and Vicky, it’s unclear whether Charlie’s family can go back into hiding and try to live a normal life.

Review of the movie Firestarter 2022.
Very strange to see and kaboom starts fire houses and yo this is an amazing remake than the original film though I like it. And, while it received praise for Armstrong and Efron’s performances, as well as Thomas’ direction, it was panned for its overall pacing and screenplay. A couple met while volunteering to be test subjects for an experiment. The experiment is shrouded in mystery. They later marry and have a child with unusual abilities. Is this because of the experiment?

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 5.1