Kimi 2022

In the film, Angela Childs works for a corporation that primarily transcribes the voice recordings that go to smart speakers from KIMI. The girl practically does not leave the house, prefers to spend most of her life, being locked in four walls. Not so long ago, she developed a fear of open spaces. The pandemic has allowed Angela to work from home, not go out unnecessarily and earn money simply by sitting at a computer. One day, a brilliant IT girl discovers data that makes her overcome her own fears. Childs finds a tape that proves the participation of the owner of the column in a cruel crime. The girl is not going to leave him unpunished, so she immediately informs the authorities about the find. Employees of the corporation do not take any action, allowing others to deal with problems they do not need. Angela makes a promise to herself to figure everything out on her own and ensure that the rapist is behind bars. She has to leave the apartment for the first time in a long time to keep up with the criminal. Stream online movies on movies joy to website.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 6.3