Love Hard 2021

The main heroine of the film is Natalie. As a hopeless romantic, she worries that her personal life has not been working out lately. And she so wants to love and be loved. But she is terribly unlucky to find her mate. The last romance turned out to be with a married man who skillfully hid it. The elusive scent of love for Natalie remains somewhere very far away. The girl decides to find a boyfriend using a dating application and her sympathy coincides with the handsome Tag. True, the guy lives on the East Coast, but this does not stop Natalie, who decides to surprise him. True, having arrived at Daegu, she discovers a complete deception. Instead of a handsome man, she is met by an insecure short man and a master of photoshop. Play free movies on moviesJoy Stream website.

Duration: 104 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3