Private Property 2022

Stream full movie Private Property 2022 on moviesjoy to website in HD. Action thriller takes place in America in the fifties of the last century. Young and charming Kathryn is married to a wealthy producer who provided her with everything necessary for a carefree life. Despite the luxury, money and endless possibilities, the heroine suffers from boredom and longing. He was tired of spending his days alone and wasting his youth.

One day, a new gardener, Ben, appears at Kathryn’s Hollywood villa. The young handsome man kindly communicates with his mistress and quickly earns trust. When the husband of the heroine of the film “Private Property” went on a business trip, Ben showed his true colors. He turned out to be a terrible person who pursues a terrible goal.

Review of the movie Private Property 2022.
The right of ownership is included in the system of property rights and applies to all types of movable and immovable property. The content of this right includes possession, use and disposal of property, and the powers of owners can be limited only by the norms of federal law.

Duration: 87 min


IMDb: 3.4