Studio 666 2022

The Foo Fighters are about to record a new album. To do this, they move to the Encino mansion, which is located in California. Here, even the walls are imbued with the old spirit of the good old rock and roll. But it turns out that the cost of living includes not only renting a house, but also a meeting with ghosts. Frontman Grohl notices their influence on the first day, supernatural forces are not happy with the guests and are trying to survive them. Suddenly falling objects, striving to aim directly at the head. Doors trying to press fingers. Sockets, ready at any moment to shock a daredevil who dared to connect a guitar. Such tricks can scare anyone, but not the members of a rock band. They have gone through a lot of training, having seen an audience at concerts that looks much scarier than a few small, almost harmless ghosts. They are not going to leave until the album is recorded. Moreover, the rent money is paid in advance and it is necessary to recapture it. But the inhabitants of the mansion have their own opinions about music, and they are not afraid to express it, seeking to kill fearless rockers. Stream full movies on moviejoy .to website in HD.

Duration: 106 min


IMDb: 6.2