Swan Song 2021

Cameron is a loving husband and father who recently found out that he is ill with a very serious terminal illness. Upon learning this, the man’s life turned upside down, because he does not know how his family will react and whether they can live without him in the present. He is also worried about a small son and another unborn child, because he does not want the children to grow up without a father. The attending doctor named Scott offers Cameron an alternative solution to this problem – to replace him with a clone that will look exactly like him. A man is confused because it is difficult for him to realize and accept this. Soon he learns a lot about love and life. This affects his further actions, thoughts and decisions of a very important and at the same time a difficult problem. What decision will he make, because there is very little time left and will the family be able to accept it? Play full free movies on MoviesJoy .To website in 720p HD.

Duration: 112 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7