The Tender Bar 2021

This movie is about a man named Junior, faced terrible family troubles even in his distant childhood. The boy’s father died in a terrible car accident. The son had to accompany his terrified mother to his grandfather’s house, who had a very bad temper. The grumpy old man literally did not allow the heir to enjoy a carefree existence. The poor mother was forced to engage in complete loneliness in the upbringing of her son, and therefore disappeared at work.
Junior found a replacement in the place of his deceased parents in the form of Uncle Charlie, who had a small bar nearby. A dedicated person tried to give proper attention to the victim. A relative has repeatedly helped her cope with many trials and experiences. Charlie didn’t want to reveal what he was really doing for years. Watch full movies on MoviesJoy To website in 4k.

Duration: 106 min


IMDb: 6.5