Umma 2022

Stream full movie Umma 2022 on moviesjoy website in HD. As a teenager, a Korean woman, Amanda ( Sandra Oh ), ran away from her mother to America. There she gave birth to a daughter, moved to a remote bee farm and forgot her roots forever. But you can’t hide from the past. One day, an uncle with ashes appears on the threshold of the house. It turns out that the old woman died, and in the last seconds of her life she uttered only one word – Amanda’s real name, Soo Hyun. The woman quickly sees the uninvited guest out and puts the urn in the basement, but evil is already nearby. Everywhere she sees the spirit of a deceased relative, and the closest person, her beloved daughter Chris ( Fievel Stewart ), suffers from the consequences of visions.

Review of the movie Umma 2022.
Amanda, along with her teenage daughter, lives on a remote farm and in every possible way protects the girl from the outside world. When a woman learns that her mother has died and, according to Korean tradition, receives an urn with her ashes, she begins to fear that something terrible will happen to her.

Duration: 83 min


IMDb: 4.7