X 2022

Stream full movie X 2022 on MoviesJoy .To website in HD. In X, aspiring directors come to Texas with a small group of actors. They have a great idea for the first motion picture that should conquer all of Hollywood. They are still very young, they dream of great fame and money, they dream of fame and hope to give autographs while walking the red carpet. So far, movie lovers have none of this, but in the future they hope to fix everything. As a film set, they use a small farm owned by an elderly couple. They immediately suspected something was wrong when they saw what the visiting young people were doing. The guests specialize in films for adults. They don’t have the money for a decent pavilion, so the farmhouse was a great way out. They easily agreed with the owners, but later noticed oddities in their behavior. Pretty sweet and friendly at first glance, the man and woman turned out to be serial killers. They were not going to allow them to use their house for filming pornography. Angry with the behavior of the newcomers, they could do whatever they wanted with them, because they had nowhere to run.

Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 7.2