Girl in the Basement 2021

Watch Girl in the Basement‬ movie that is based on the true story novel “Controlling A Father”. In this movie, Sarah was completing her teenage and looking ahead to move away from her family. And get freedom by controlling the father Don (Judd Nelson). Because he is a rapist monster who hides Sarah in the basement of the house. There is no sound, no air, no water, it was a soundproof bomb shelter. Don beats Sarah and insists on her raising his children. But when the newborn is stillborn she insists Don, secretly bring another child to the house above. And this newborn was raised by Sarah’s mother Irene (Joely Fisher). Don very cleverly tells about the newborn child. That this is Sarah’s child and now she ran away with her boyfriend. Watch this movie in detail about how Sarah and her five children get freedom from that life after twenty years. Moviesjoy stream to watch movies online in High definition quality.

Duration: 1h 28min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3