Girl on the Third Floor 2019

Watch Girl on the Third Floor Moviesjoy full movie online in 720p quality without any registration. Don and Liz Koch, a married couple living in Chicago expecting a child, recently bought a house in the suburbs. The property needs a major renovation, which is undertaken by Don. Liz is to stay in Chicago until her husband finishes his most urgent work in their new home. The woman is not sure if this task does not overwhelm him, while he eagerly approaches this ambitious undertaking. Although the works do not go smoothly, it does not discourage him. One day he meets a young woman, Sarah, who makes his time more enjoyable. It doesn’t last long though. A newly met woman quickly starts to cause him worries, but his problems do not end there. Everything indicates that there is something wrong with his new acquisition. Don just doesn’t know how much yet. Enjoy more movies on Moviesjoy Horror Movies online without any membership.

Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5