Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021

Watch the Hollywood Drama Movie of 2021. The plot of the movie starts when Pete’s name boy has been ditched by her girlfriend Cindy. According to Peter, Cindy is one reason in his life that is Positive. Pete admits it was good to see her smile after he made her so unhappy, Peter is filled with hate and rage. Pete checks in to his favorite hotel to watch Cindy and her new boyfriend Lio shoot her. Then suddenly Gideon the Bible appears. Gideon introduces himself and begins to question Leo. Then the interrogation between the two turns into a conversation. It continues much time he disappears after reading the novel one by another. But Pete has left his religion after the death of his father. Stream this plot Moviesjoy site with Gun and a Hotel Bible full and guess how Pete reacts after listening to this.

Duration: 58 min

Quality: HD