Hard Kill 2020

Exclusive hollywood movie Hard Kill 2020. The owner of a large company that develops advanced technologies to further explore the entire world and improve the life of mankind is suddenly faced with terrible events. It turns out he has long-standing enemies. Now they own a special terrorist group, and every day they tried to increase their influence in the life of every person. The country has its own uncontrollable events, and the man had to face this. It turns out that now his daughter is in the hands of crazy people. They will use her life to force the guy to act as they see fit. Repeatedly he had to face danger, but now the life of his daughter depends solely on his further actions. He will not despair and will do everything possible to free her. The situation of his existence is difficult now, but he will not lose heart. Later, he enlists the support of an experienced assassin. It turns out that he had long wanted to get away from criminal showdowns and start a new life, and now the billionaire can help him with this. Only together are they trying to work together to free the girl from the terrorists. But he increasingly realizes that he needs to agree with them to put technology under their control. Moviesjoy stream is an ads free and most popular platform to watch movies and TV shows online in high quality.

Duration: 1h 38min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.3