Birds of Paradise 2021

The movie story starts at The Paris National Opera. This place is an object of high culture, on the stage of which the most gifted artists dream of performing. The main characters of the movie are two charming girls who danced in the ballet and were able to make friends. When unexpectedly, the coach announced he is looking for a worthy candidate to perform at the National Opera. Then girls began to compete fiercely and no one want to give up. One day after exhausting training, they forgot about rivalry and entered into an intimate relationship due to a strong mutual attraction. It didn’t stop women from starting their love, even the fact that Marin already had a boyfriend. But when Kate saw her friend spending time with the faithful, she was terribly jealous of both. Will the main characters be able to sort out a difficult relationship? Watch full free movies online on moviesjoy website in HD.

Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.8