Father Stu 2022

Stream full movie Father Stu 2022 on moviejoy alternative website in HD. The story of the film “Father Stu” about Stuart Long, who often dreamed of becoming a great athlete or actor. Growing up, the young man decided to take up boxing. The resulting injuries did not allow him to continue his career and then he wanted to try his luck in the field of art. Circumstances prevented this time from achieving glory. Long has already come to terms with the fact that, obviously, he is not gifted with any talent. Then I had to look for a regular job. Everything was going pretty well, Stu even managed to say goodbye to all past debts, but soon new trials appeared on the life line. Stuart gets into a terrible car accident. As a result, the man ends up in the hospital. That he survived is a real miracle. Previously, Long had never thought about faith and the involvement of the Lord in his life, but being chained to a hospital bed, he made a decision to completely change. Doctors diagnosed him with a rare autoimmune disease, but that didn’t stop Long from fulfilling his new dream. He becomes a priest.

Duration: 124 min


IMDb: 7.1