Flag Day 2021

The main character of the movie is a man named John Vogel and the most notorious bank robber in America. He has always covered his activities with the need to take care of his beloved daughter.

By systematically breaking the laws, the man has always been an ideal father, touching all the desires of his daughter and delighting her with pleasant surprises. But the offender did not have the opportunity to return the events and work on the mistakes. He is completely engrossed in the activities of the underworld, becoming an integral part of it.

The price of his will could be very high, and it had to be paid for by the criminal’s daughter, who knew nothing of the real activities of her parents, preferring to live in a world of sweet dreams and without bright hopes for the future. Watch full movies on Joy Movies website in 4k.

Duration: 109 min


IMDb: 4.9