9 Bullets 2022

Stream full movie 9 Bullets 2022 on MoviesJoy website in HD. A terrible tragedy occurred in one of the city houses – all members of one of the families were brutally killed. It was a real miracle that an eleven-year-old boy managed to survive. But now his life was in terrible danger, as he witnessed the horror that happened. The frightened child was noticed by the heroine of the film “9 Lives”. She decides to help the boy at any cost. Some time ago, she decided to radically change her fate and considered this case a providence from above. True, she had no idea that the boy became the object of a mafia hunt led by her former lover. From this moment on, the newly minted comrades are in danger at every turn. Will the desperate savior be able to save herself and the orphaned child?

Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 5.0