Hatching 2022

Stream full movie Hatching 2022 on moviesjoy website in HD. The focus of the viewers of this horror will be 12-year-old teenager Tinja (Siiri Solalinna). The girl takes professional gymnastics lessons and tries to meet the requirements of her mother (Sofia Heikkila) in everything in order to justify the expectations placed on her. The fact is that the woman maintains a popular video blog called “Beautiful Everyday Life”, in which she presents the world with an impeccable image of her ideal family, in which there is no place for a single flaw. So the mother talks about her daily life in a well-maintained suburban home with her loving husband (Jani Volanen) and two children, each of whom is talented in their own way.

The mother places special hopes on her eldest daughter, the talented Tinya, who does her best to help her maintain the image of a perfect family built by her mother in everything. One evening, the girl, following through the forest, finds a wounded bird, and next to it is a strange egg. Tinya takes him and, secretly from all her relatives, brings him to her home. She puts the egg in her bed, keeps it warm under the covers, cherishes and cares for it as if it were her most precious thing, until something incredible hatches from it – a mysterious bird-like creature.

Tinya calls him Alli (Jonna Aaltone) and hides him in the closet in her room. Soon the creature becomes the girl’s best friend. She feeds the bird as best she can, and Alli gradually turns into a double of Tinya (Hertta Karen), and with it Tinya’s hidden aggression and suppressed negative emotions break out, which push Alli to make more and more violent attacks. For a long time, in order to fulfill the dream of her demanding mother and earn her motherly love, Tinya had to hide all her negative feelings from her. Now, Tinya in the image of Alli becomes a living nightmare, their until recently ideal house turns into a horror scene and none of the girl’s relatives will be safe anymore.

Review of the movie Hatching 2022.
Gnash is a Finnish-Swedish psychological horror film, the feature film debut of director Hanna Bergholm. Production of the film company “Silva Mysterium Oy”. Cast: Sofia Heikkila, Siiri Solalinna, Jani Volanen, Saiya Lentonen, Reino Nordin, Ida Maattanen, Oiva Ollila and others.

Duration: 86 min


IMDb: 6.8