Man of God 2022

Stream full movie Man of God 2022 on MoviesJoy website in HD. Everyone knows Nectarios of Aegina as a Greek Orthodox bishop. He cared for all those in need, even those of other faiths. Nectarios served as a bishop in Cairo, and his popularity among parishioners caused the church diocese to be envious. He was falsely accused and found guilty without a trial or investigation in 1891. Because of this unjust accusation, Nectarios was removed from his position as Bishop of Cairo. Nectarios turned to the patriarch, who had become almost like a father figure to him. But he also abandons the bishop and refuses to speak with him. Nectarios agrees humbly and has been living in exile in Greece for a long time.

Despite his predicament, the former bishop extends mercy to everyone he encounters along the way. Soon after, benefactors from the church restored his reputation. He establishes a monastery for nuns on the island of Aegina after becoming the head of a seminary for seminarians and secular students. However, the diocese attacks him once more, claiming that he did not grant him permission to build a monastery. Throughout his life, Nectarios faces opposition and hatred, but he responds to people’s mistreatment with love, patience, and kindness. And his great faith in Jesus Christ’s extraordinary power serves as a driving force for him.

Duration: 109 min


IMDb: 7.4