The Lost City 2022

Stream full movie The Lost City 2022 on MoviesJoy Movies website in HD. Reclusive genius Loretta Sage is a well-known author of romantic suspense thrillers. The events take place in foreign locations, and the primary character is Dash, a lovely and dreamy heroine who is brought to life by cover model Alan. Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire who believes she can take him to the treasures of an ancient lost city from her newest book while on tour to promote a new bestseller.
Alan chooses to show that he can be a hero in real life as well as in literature by coming to Loretta’s rescue. So a peculiar couple sets out on an epic journey in the middle of the jungle, and they’ll have to work together to endure the hardships and recover the treasure before it’s lost for good.

Duration: 112 min


IMDb: 6.8