The Manor 2021

The main character of the movie is an old woman named Judith Albright. She is still full of strength and energy. Sudden health problems disrupt a woman’s usual life. She suffered a stroke, after which she had a completely different vision of the world. Judith began to feel more subtly the presence of the otherworldly energy surrounding her. Albright believes that she was in the afterlife, but she managed to return her soul to her body. The woman is sent for rehabilitation at a nursing home, but from the first day of her arrival, she begins to suspect something was wrong. Judith constantly repeats about the dark forces that are going to take her back. She anticipates her early demise but tries to avoid death.

The inhabitants of the old mansion are hunted by monsters hiding inside thick solid walls. Albright physically senses the presence of otherworldly energy that does not leave her even for a day. It seems to a woman that someone is closely watching her actions as if waiting for the right moment. Watch movies online free on moviesjoy website.

Duration: 81 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2