There Are No Saints 2022

Stream full movie There Are No Saints 2022 on moviesjoy website in HD. The plot of the film is based on the story of a Jesuit who had to face the injustice and cruelty of fate. Previously, he had everything: a cozy home, a beloved wife and a charming son. The hero lived a happy life, enjoying every day surrounded by family and friends. But in the future, a “black” streak comes in life, and the fairy tale begins to crack, breaking into pieces.

A man is accused of a terrible crime, to which in fact he had nothing to do. The hero was unfairly convicted and sent to serve his sentence in prison, where he had to serve a long term. The troubles didn’t end there. The release did not become a great joy – it turned out that the wife was a victim of intruders and died at their hands. The son became a prisoner, whom the bandits took to Mexico. A burning thirst for revenge is born in the heart of the hero. He sets off on a journey to find the perpetrators of his ruined life and avenge the death of his beloved and the captivity of a child. In the role of an assistant, an attractive girl joins him, who should replace the deceased.

Review of the movie There Are No Saints 2022.
A brutal, little-speaking and much-thinking killer, nicknamed the Jesuit, is released from prison. He spent quite a lot of time there and, importantly, for nothing. And everything would be fine, but the Jesuit’s wife is brutally killed, and her son is kidnapped and forcibly taken to Mexico. The hero embarks on the path of revenge. He needs to get even for the death of his beloved woman and rescue the child. And for this you need to develop a complex and for most people unrealizable plan. The Jesuit is not interested in the price of all this, as well as the consequences of his actions.

Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 6.4