Honor Society 2022

Stream full movie Honor Society 2022 on moviesjoy movie website in HD. Honor is the family’s hope and pride. She must realise the childhood ambition she harboured. She believes that she strives for this, and she does her best not to disappoint her parents by refusing entertainment. While the girl is hard at work, all the pleasures of adolescence and youth pass her by. All of her thoughts are consumed by studying the subjects required for passing the exams. She is adamant about achieving a single, unwavering goal. Admission to Harvard remains a top priority. You must excel above the rest of the students for her sake.

Her forced competitors are three guys who aren’t about to give up their spot to the ambitious beauty. Numerous skirmishes and even attempts to cheat opponents out of the game result in a fierce competition. Harvard is waiting for a single winner to provide a place to study. Honor is confident that she will receive it. But then she falls in love with her hated main rival, and this feeling causes her to reconsider her dreams, realising what she wants.

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 6.5