House of the Dragon 2022

Stream full movie House of the Dragon 2022 on moviesjoy to movies website in HD. The moive is about the history of the Targaryen family, which originates from ancient times. There was an eternal struggle between the heirs to the throne. It has long been a tradition in the family to transfer rule from father to son or daughter, regardless of whether the offspring becomes a worthy king. Jaeheiris I was the first to break the rule. Even his wife did not approve of his choice, but the man was sure of his decision. The throne passed into the hands of Prince Balon, who soon died. The ruler appointed his grandson Viserys as successor. The new ruler was determined to give the throne to his daughter, but after his death, Aegon became a self-proclaimed king. He subjugated the continent with only three dragons, which he managed to take possession of. There was constant warfare between Aegon and his sister. With each passing year, the greatness of the king grew. The Targaryen family already numbered about a dozen tamed powerful dragons. The riders chose kites, thereby initiating a future civil war.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 7.5