Ip Man: The Awakening 2022

Stream full movie Ip Man: The Awakening 2022 on moviesjoy .to website in HD. Having moved to a permanent place of residence in Hong Kong, Ip Man counted on a calm reality away from previous problems and troubles. He got to know the locals, developed a friendly liking for the young rickshaw and his sister, considering the new space to be safe. But this was exactly until the moment when the fighter for justice crossed the road to a criminal authority. He unwittingly witnessed the abduction of defenseless girls on the streets of the city by unknown people. Standing up for the hostages, the master found himself in the center of increased attention of the representative of the underworld.

The English gangster, not accustomed to sacrificing personal interests, was very determined to eliminate the newly appeared hero. He sent a professional fighter to physically eliminate Mana who arrived in the country. But after the death of the mercenary, he was forced to look for alternative solutions to a problematic story that could destroy his business. Material losses and drawing too much attention to history were definitely not part of the plans of the unpredictable mafia.

Genre: 2022

Actors: , ,


Duration: 80 min


IMDb: 7.5