Last Moment of Clarity 2020

Download complete hollywood Last Moment of Clarity 2020 movie. The movies main character Sam, a young man who is not in good shape. That is because he saw his fiancee Georgia murdered in front of his eyes by members of the Bulgarian mob. After this horrible event, Sam has to flee New York for his own safety and hides in Paris. The only person he seems to talk to is bar owner Gilles. While in a movie theatre one day, Sam sees something he cannot believe. Georgia up on the screen. He is convinced it is her, but she is now an actress who goes by the name Lauren Clerk. To get to the bottom of things, Sam is going to travel to Los Angeles in an attempt to find Georgia. Streaming Moviesjoy Action makes watching movies at home easier than ever.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1