Look Both Ways 2022

Stream full movie Look Both Ways on movies joy website in 1080p HD. Natalie is preparing to graduate from college. Her future seems certain, but one day she wakes up and realizes that she was in two universes at once. One of the realities allows her to move to Los Angeles to build her dream career. She is rapidly moving up the career ladder, becoming popular and famous. She enjoys travel, great prosperity and does not return to her hometown, where there are no such opportunities. A dream come true allows her to feel real happiness.

But fatal love puts everything on the brink, forcing her to choose between a romantic connection and her vocation. The second life is simpler and at the same time more hopeless. Having become pregnant before graduation, the girl is obliged to stay in her town. She gives birth to a wonderful baby, but believes her future is ruined. She does not even have a chance to try to fulfill her plan, forced to raise the child herself. Her joy is connected only with him, but disappointment and dissatisfaction do not go away. Staying on both sides, Natalie learns to choose the important, and refuse the superfluous.

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 6.5