Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom 2020

This is a biographical movie about the real-life story of Ma Rainey, a famous singer in Chicago, 1927. An afternoon recording session awaits the arrival of Ma Rainey, widely regarded as the legendary “mother of the blues”. The musicians are in turmoil, everything suggests something great, yet that atmosphere is about to spoil. But, late for the appointment, she ignites an animated clash of opinions with his manager and his producer, both white, about his black music. In fact, they would like to have the last word on what Ma will have to affect. This claim, of course, unleashes the fury of the artist, who in no way intends to revise his own positions. Moviesjoy Website has so many other movies also to entertain you, have a look now.

Duration: 1h 34min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.2