Masquerade 2021

This movie is about the story of young Casey, whose parents are art collectors. There are over a dozen of the rarest canvases in their house, worth several million dollars each. The girl enjoys her life, because she has everything one can dream of. All she has to do is wish that on the same day rich parents would give their only daughter what she dreams of. But soon everything that was dear to Casey collapses before her eyes. Thieves break into the house, dreaming to get the precious paintings at any cost. Casey tries in every possible way to escape while her parents are at a dinner party. The spouses do not even suspect that their driver will be replaced by a ruthless killer. The canvases still fall into the hands of the intruders, but they are not going to leave the witnesses alive. Casey tries to find a safe corner in one of the rooms of the mansion, and her parents, returning home, fall into a trap. Not only her life now depends on the girl’s decision, but she does not even suspect how to escape from captivity and get out to freedom. Watch full free movies online on moviesjoy stream website.

Duration: 80 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.8