Memory 2022

Stream full movie Memory 2022 on moviesjoy movies website in HD. Professional killers follow harsh rules and laws, and there is no room for pity or mercy. An experienced mercenary will be surprised to learn that he has become a target of persecution, and the best assassins are on the hunt for him. The reason for issuing such an order was his refusal to work for an influential criminal organisation, which sparked a wave of resentment among the mafia bosses.

Criminal personalities do not forgive insults, and the fact that the order was not fulfilled was perceived as an insult. Two FBI agents are investigating previous murders in order to bring a difficult case to a logical conclusion. A mysterious businesswoman with her own plans and personal interest expresses interest in his personality. Being in the middle of a fire is extremely unpleasant, and a man is not used to being a target or a weak-willed puppet.

To avoid negative consequences and to try to escape the deadly trap, he decides to begin hunting for his pursuers. Millions of dollars and the ambitions of some participants are at stake, and opponents are willing to play dirty tricks. Hired professionals have their own set of principles that they use to guide them when performing dangerous tasks.

Duration: 114 min


IMDb: 5.6